For this project, I was asked to paint stairs and 360 degrees play room walls.

The place itself is an erotic art house located in a heart of Niagara area (Canada / Ontario). The owners are a multi-talented couple who brought their love of creating various pieces of art and enjoy a sensual part of life to this unique place.

I was inspired by comics, old school PlayBoy Magazine covers, sexuality and calligraphy.

by the time i started my part of work, The house was almost finished and decorated with unique art pices (one of a kind sculptures, paintings and antique furniture).

The main idea to paint the stairs was to create the illusion of a date night. Just imagine a couple coming after a dinner and going upstairs slowly and flirty getting naked and dropping accessories, shoes and other sensual objects.

Play Room
This part of the project was a bit tricky and took some time to find the right idea. I wanted all these walls and corners look like one 360 degrees mural.
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